Weathermatic Irrigation Systems

Irrigation the professional way

There is no better way (maintenance wise or economically) to water a garden properly than having a professionally installed garden irrigation and sprinkler system. 

We at show gardens pride ourselves with the highest level of skills when installing Garden irrigation and sprinkler system.  Our highly trained staff are experts in the field of irrigation and sprinkler instillation.  From setting up more basic manually operated systems to installing more sophisticated computerized irrigation systems.

We design our systems to scale.  Taking into consideration various factors in your garden like sun, shade soil conditions and different plant groups according to their water requirements.

Our systems are installed according to industry standards.  Calculating correct Pressure readings and flow rates in order to install and group different irrigations zone correctly, taking care not to waste water by not combining plants with high water usage along with low water usage plants like succulents. Keep lawns and flowerbeds on separate zones because of this exact reason.  It is also important to burry piping 400mm below ground level to avoid gardeners hitting pipes with spades and forks while performing their usual gardening tasks.  We make sure all these industry standards are adhered too.

We also take water conservation very seriously in our business.  That is why we recommend computerized systems that control the exact amount of water needed for your garden, and further more we are very pro Rain harvesting and recommend linking your irrigation system to a rain harvesting tank to supplement  your irrigation needs.  Most of our systems we install are programmed by default to draw water from the rain harvesting tanks that we installed and only as a secondary option will it change to draw water from the municipal mains during very dry periods.

There are many brands of irrigation and sprinklers systems on the market these days, but we have found one that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to reliability and user friendliness.  The Weathermatic range of irrigation equipment is by far the best and most cost effective and further more we share a common theme of “intelligent water usage principles”, with them.  They have a great range of products specifically aimed at water conservation, for example, rain gauges that automatically turn off your irrigation system if it’s been raining and there are even weather mini stations that automatically alter watering schedules according to temperature, changing seasons, humidity and soil conditions.  We have a long history with this brand and it has never let us down.

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