Rain harvesting is the latest advancement in environmental protection since the world's fresh water supply is running low and is predicted to become inadequate in the very near future. 

Our rain harvesting systems include specifically designed guttering and adapters as well as patented first flush mechanisms to prevent dirt and insects from entering the rain harvesting tank. 

Our unique rain water harvesting system comes complete with a patented auto tank vacuum system which removes debris and sediment which will invariably collect at the bottom of the tank. This means that the tank remains clean and therefore the water stored in the harvesting tank stays clean and useable for very long periods. The maintenance of these tanks is also drastically reduced due to the patented designs implemented by the manufacturers.

Besides saving the environment you'll be saving hundreds of rands a month and the system will pay for itself in no time at all.

Have us install your rain harvesting system today and do your bit for the environment.