Collect, Store, Filter and Re-Use Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rainwater that falls on your roof surface, storing it on site, filtering it and then re-using it in place of mains water.

Rain water is one of the cleanest, most natural sources of fresh water on earth. By 2013 South Africa’s water supply will be insufficient to meet the demands of our rapidly growing population.

1mm of rainfall falling on 1m² of roof area = 1L of free water for harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • REDUCES your mains water consumption.
  • REDUCES your monthly water utility bill
  • REDUCES your environmental impact.

A rainwater harvesting system can be installed at a variety of buildings, from offices, shops, museums and visitor centres through to universities, schools and colleges, even industrial facilities, like warehouses and factories. Hospitals, clinics, prisons and apartment blocks can also benefit from the installation of a rainwater harvesting system.

Show Gardens builds and installs rainwater harvesting systems designed and developed by the Australian company, Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd. Systems that have been designed specifically for rainwater harvesting. A range of superior quality rainwater harvesting products that provide clean harvested rainwater with minimal tank maintenance.


Download our guide on How To Create The Complete Rain Harvesting System


Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Reducing Water Bills
  • Suitable for Irrigation
  • Reduces Demand on Ground Water
  • Reduces Floods and Soil Erosion
  • Can be Re-used for Non-drinking Purposes

Applications for Harvested Rainwater

The water from rainwater harvesting can be re-used for a number of different purposes, including:

  • Flushing tiolets.
  • Washing clothes.
  • Cleaning vehicles.
  • Spraying down paving, wallls and driveways.
  • Garden irrigation.