The Puricare Agricultural Ozone Generator is an amazingly practical and effective water treatment system used extensively around South Africa to condition the irrigation water used by fruit farmers, vegetable farmers, flower growers, nurseries, hydroponic tunnel farmers, etc.

This system combines UV generated ozone and hydrogen peroxide which is such a way as to create an aerobic environment in the soil which allows all the good pathogens and micro-organisms, earthworms, etc. to flourish. 

Some of the truly remarkable results which are being reported from across South Africa are:

  • Oxygen enriched soil
  • Increased penetrability of irrigated water 
  • More stable soil pH
  • Clean, corrosion free and almost maintenance free irrigation systems
  • Increased root system growth
  • Increased stem growth
  • Increased leaf size (improved photosynthesis)
  • Increased potential to produce fruit, flowers or vegetables
  • Potential increase in size of fruit, flowers or vegetables
  • Longer production cycles, etc.